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Here's How it Works

1.   Employees gather customer feedback through Puuding.

2.   Employees earn points for the feedback they receive.

3.   Points earned are redeemable on sites like Amazon.com.
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Rewarding Employees for Creating a Great Customer Experience

Supercharging the Customer Experience

Give the customer experience a boost by rewarding those responsible for it: Your employees. With an easy to use rewards program, your employees are incentivized to foster the best customer experience possible.

Empower those on the front lines of customer service. With real time customer feedback, your Employees are in control and on top of the customer experience at every interaction.

Empowering Your Employees to Influence The Customer Experience

Maximizing Sales with Employee Engagement Incentives

Through Puuding's unique rewards program, employees are incentivized through the feedback process giving you exponential customer sales you can learn from and react to.

Ready to Improve the Customer Experience?

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